About Me

Meet Coach Erica!

My name is Erica L. Brasher, M.Ed, and I am a Certified Master Health and Wellness Coach, Certified Life Coach, Laughter Yoga Coach, and a Mini Me Yoga Ambassador. I started My Wellness Coach, LLC to help women and children lives their best lives now. I look forward to meeting you. Let’s work together to help you identify and reach your happiness, health, and wellness goals.


My mission is to help women and children achieve optimal happiness, health, and wellness.


Happy and Healthy Families.

My Coaching Model

I utilizie a wholistic approach to help my clients achieve their happiness, health, and wellness goals. I guide each client through his or her own custom health and wellness transformation through a proven four-step process of setting goals, developing an action plan, determining ways to overcome obstacles, and assess progress. We repeat the process as necessary to achieve all of the goals identified at the beginning of the coaching program.